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Contractor Scrap Wire Solution

wire-reelsContact us for any of your electrical scrap metal recycling needs We work locally as well as regionally. We have handled projects from Maryland to New Orleans. We will pick up scrap wire either from your jobsite or warehouse and bring it back to our location in Duluth, Georgia for processing. Your wire will be stripped, sorted and sold within 2-3 days after pickup. Payments will be made immediately after the sale of your wire. All wire sizes 8 AWG and larger will be stripped to bare bright copper. Circuit size wire, portable cord, ACSR, string-a-lights, etc., will be separated to increase the value before selling. MC/BX- Our process includes removing circuit wire and selling separately for maximum value. We disassemble bus duct and some transformers to maximize value. We receive premium pricing for all sales due to our volume. Receipts will be provided showing metal types and revenue for every sale. We can provide recycle documentation for any LEED certified projects. We have all safety gear and insurance that your jobsite requires. Please call, text or email any of us to arrange a pickup. contractors_page

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